Internet radio

radio online LRadio isn’t dead- it just evolved...

If you are listening out there Nicola Tesla- We hope to answer some of those questions you may have, and educate you on all those new things and even give you detailed information about what you may not know and what you may have no idea about. Below is an introduction to some of the things we absolutely want to inform as many people as we can online and about the universe.

What is the history of the radio program and radio programming?

We all listen to the radio and most of us love it dearly, heck some of us are obsessed with it. But how many of us know the history of radio programming. Not many, that I know for a fact. But if you are curious, let me give you a sneak peek. The history of radio programming traces its origin decades ago in Europe. Over the years innovations in radio broadcasting technology have occurred making a worldwide phenomenon. If you want the whole package, I have it all right here ready for you to devour So go ahead and take your fill. And if you get full, take a rest and come back for more.

What is the internet radio experience all about?

Did you know the first internet radio service was launched in the early 1990’s? If you don't already know, I reckon you are curious about how internet radio works. I know- I am still fascinated by internet radio, how about you? Would you love to get an in recount about the whole internet radio experience? If the answer to all these questions is yes, rest assured you came to the right place. I do not just have the answers, I will give you an understanding of the entire media and you will make want more and more information.

Live broadcasts vs podcasts So what is your preference, live broadcasts or podcasts?

What do you think is the better media? You probably have an answer to both questions, or you are still trying to make up your mind, or you have simply never thought about it Well here is the thing, live broadcasts and podcasts have similarities and differences. Each has its own advantages over the other, and disadvantages too. My job is to give you the facts so you can make your own conclusion. What the experts say, what the audience says, and the general consensus about both media to users. The internet radio craze I have a confession, I love internet radio. I know what attracts me to internet radio but I am curious, what attracts you to internet radio?

What do you think attracts other show hosts and listeners to internet radio?

Perhaps we share the same ideas. Perhaps everyone has their own reasons. For all this and more, you came to the right place. All these conversations that can only be important to people like you and me, that is, radio geeks, I have all their info here. So, take the time and check them out, I promise you, you won't regret that decision.