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headphone music GWe are in all essence radio geeks. We love sharing ideas with other people hence the birth of this project. A website about radio, about the things behind the scenes you never hear about, but also about sharing our ideas with the rest of the world. Here is what we stand for:

Dan "Starman" Sterling

I am the website writer. I love people, I love music and good food. I am a bit of an introvert. I like being alone sometimes, even when I am surrounded by people. But I am also loud, I like to have fun and let loos. I started out hosting a radio show for my high school news channel and I loved it so much I knew I would want to pursue it as a career. My stage name is Starman, I chose it for the simple fact that I love stargazing.

Jim S. Walker 'Walking Daydream"

I am the website editor. I am a simple individual who likes simple things. In my free time, you will find me watching television or reading a book while listening to the radio. I daydream a lot hence the online username Walking Daydream. I've always had a huge interest in radio so having a career in radio was a natural choice for m. Listening to radio shaped most of my ideas about life, and the world around me while growing up. In fact, my favorite idols while growing up were always radio hosts.

Jack Bass "Single J"

I am a contributing writer for the website. I love being a radio show host. Its still fascinating to me how a voice on the radio can have so much impact on people. The beauty is in channeling that power and using it for good. After working in radio for so long, lye had a desire to pass on some of the knowledge I've acquired over the years to upcoming radio show hosts and contributing to this blog availed me that opportunity. I love mentoring young radio show hosts. Nothing gives me more joy than giving opportunities to young radio show hosts and guiding them through their journey. Funny story, my nickname Single J is a result of having been the only single guy among my group of friends while in high school and it stuck.

Sebastian Jenner "Blueprint"

I am a special events reporter for the website. I've always been highly opinionated. And while in high school I started an internet radio show that was about my life and the things that were going on around me. I would comment about issues at school, in the news and at home. I've pretty much grown up radio hosting. Now I am grown up and the topics I talk about are more mature. I use the online nickname Blueprint because I always have a plan. I am highly organized and I am not one to make rash decisions.

We hope to achieve our goals by providing upbeat content that is fun to read, entertaining but also educative and informative. You can also send any thoughts or ideas for future content here-


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