Internet radio

The Internet Radio Experience

Internet radio involves streaming and presenting the listener with a continuous flow of audio in an effort to communicate and spread messages easily. Listening to the favorite channel, shows or radio presenters is no longer restricted to homes, indoors or workplaces. One can conveniently connect to radio channels from anywhere anytime in the world.

internet radio as a marketing tool GWell did you know you can use internet radio as a marketing tool? Here is a fact, online radio is one of the explosively growing media around the globe both in new station and listeners. Internet radio will possibly continue to grow rapidly from strength to strength since the number of people using smartphones and tablets is on the rise day by day. Therefore investing in internet radio marketing is not only a smart move but also a supreme strategy to outdo your brand competitors. Before we get started on why you need to open and use internet radio experience, lets first look at the key components of an internet radio.

To begin with is the source, who basically is the presenter. It's the live voice and sometimes the person in charge of adding clips, inputting CDS and announcements. Than there is the server. The content is mixed together, put in a format that can be streamlined and then sent through the internet sound waves. Lastly, we have the listener. Definitely, there is no point in broadcasting if there are no listeners. Usually, the listener is the target group, so before promoting your product, it is important to define your market demographics. Attracting a specific group of people to listen to your station is the key to promoting your product. Here are some of the reasons why using Internet radio is way better and preferable than using the regular AM/FM channels that uses airwave bands. First, it has been proven by the radio ads effectiveness that people retain what they hear on internet radio station. The visual combined with auditory is more likely to stick to a person's brain quickly and for longer. Additionally, words tend to be more powerful in diving emotions than the standard radio guidelines rules and regulations which are set by the FCC.

Did you also know that internet radio is more desirable than the common traditional radio? More than 50% of radio listeners in the US are said to be an online radio listener. Taking into account this fact, you would want your product to have as much exposure among potential buyers as possible. Studies prove that most people who spend time online are more likely to listen to internet radio and their ad response is thrice in number as those who use the online radio. Considering the high increase in internet users, there would be no better product promotion tool than Internet radio. Lastly, internet radio is cheaper, easy to use and keeps a record of what has been aired. Creation an online radio quite easy nowadays, some sites allow users to create a radio show for free or for a small fee.